Electro plating power supply for Australia

We can supply the rectifier with Australian standard plug fitted at the end, this standard is code 56P520.

Also other standard plug is available to supply to you.

Electro plating power supply for Australia

Electro plating power supply for Australia

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

This is the electroplating power supply our Romania customer use, input voltage is 3 phase 380V, 50Hz.

Output voltage: 36V.

Output current: 600A.

Application: anodizing.

Power supply delivery to India

Our company Power supply delivery to India:

Specification as follow: 500A, 1000A, 1500A, 3000A.
Ship method: Sea shipment.
Application: Stainless plating chrome machine, Copper plating chrome machine.

Power supply delivery to India

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply


In the plating industry application, normally, there are two types of rectifier, which is:

1, Silicon controlled rectifier.
2, High frequency power supply.
While, what is the different between for the 2, sometimes it will cause us confused to choose them.
Here we use a table sheet to find out what exactly difference for them.

For easy to distinguish, we choose same power: 1000A 12V type rectifier. From this, I think you will know which one is what you want.

Comparison dataSCR RectifierHF power supply
TransformerLarge volume, heavy weight, 95kgSmall volume, light weight, 1kg
Control componentsSCRIGBT
Control methodPhase-shifted triggerPWM modulation
Working frequency50Hz20KHz
Ripple ratio<5%<2%
Voltage stabilization<5%<1%
Cooling methodOil/Air coolingAir cooling
Energy savingBadEasily save power 20-40%
Interference of power gridsBig, not easy to eliminateSmall, easy to eliminate
VolumeLarge volume: 900*1010*550mmSmall volume: 520*450*220

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

Portable plating experimental power supply


Portable plating experimental power supplyPortable plating experimental power supply usage:

This product is based on actual production of plating and electroplating additive manufacturers to research and develop, which is especially for portable, used for production site Hull tank test plate and tank solution failure analysis.

Portable plating experimental power supply features:

Portable plating experimental power supply has features of small volume, portable, simple operation, digital display, etc.; therefore has been widely used to study the impact of solution main component and additives, to find out the cause of solution failure and so on. That is an essential laboratory test equipment for electroplating technician and plating additive manufacturers home coating solution maintenance, monitoring, modification and analysis.

Portable plating experimental power supply technical parameters:

Input voltage: 220V±10%(AC),50~60Hz;

Output DC voltage: 0-12V,0-15V(DC) (Two options);

Output DC current: 0-10A,0-20A(DC) (Two options);

Measurement timing range: 99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds;

Input power: 30w~330w;

Dimensions: 250mm×210mm×120mm (including foot pad and terinmals);

Main functions: 1, stepless adjustment; 2, digital voltage and current; 3, digital timer; 4, constant voltage/constant current;

5, timing alarm function; 6, air agitation; 7, tank heating; 8, soft start; 9, protection for current limiting, over-current, short circuit.

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A. Rectifier usage:

Input voltage: AC 110V/220V/AC380V/AC440V (Can be designed based on customers’ requirements). Output characteristics: Constant current/Constant voltage convertible (0~rating value). Output waveform: high frequency square wave, DC and superimposed waveform.

Rectifier is a rectifying device, in brief it is high frequency switching power supply unit which can convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). It has 2 main functions: first, make alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), supply to load or inverter after smoothing; second, to provide charging voltage to battery. Therefore, rectifiers also act as a charger.

Rectifier high quality components:

Adopts high quality IGBT as main power devices, uses ultracrystalline (also known as nanocrystals) soft magnetic alloy as main transformer core, the main control system uses multi-loop control technology, while in structure adopts acidic salt mist measure. Power supply products structure reasonable, high reliability. Our power supply with advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability and superior performance become SCR (silicon controlled) power supply replacements. Applicable to all kinds of precision surface treatments, such as: experiments, oxidation, electrolysis, zinc, nickel, tin, chrome, optical, smelting, formation, corrosion and other disposal sites. In anodizing machine, vacuum coating, electrolysis plating, electrophoresis, water treatment system, electronic products aging, electric heating, electrochemical and other aspects have also obtained users praise. Especially in PCB plating, electroplating equipment, electrolysis industry, as customers preferred products.



B. Rectifier characteristic:

1, Small size, light weight: size and weight of thyristor rectifier type 1/5-1/10, which is easy for you to planning, expansion, moving, maintenance and installation.
2, Energy saving effect: because of adopting high frequency switching power supply transformer, the conversion efficiency is greatly improved, under normal circumstances, compared with SCR equipment can improve efficiency more than 10%, under load rate of 70% can improve efficiency over 30% more compared with SCR equipment.
3, High output stability: due to system high response speed (microsecond level), our rectifier has strong adaptability to electricity network and load changes, and the output even can accuracy better than 1%. With high efficiency of switching power supply, then high precision control, will improve the quality of products.
4, Easy modulation of output waveform: due to high working frequency, the relatively cost is low of output waveform adjusting processing, can be more easily to change output waveform in accordance with users’ requirements. By this, will have a stronger effect to increase efficiency quality on work site, and improve the processing product quality.

C. Rectifier application features:

1, Reduce porosity, the rate of nuclei formation is greater than growth rate, then prompting nuclei refinement.
2, Improve binding force, make the passive film breakdown, which is favor for strong bond between substrate and coating layer film.
3, Improve coverage and dispersion capacity, high cathodic negative ( electric ) potential can make ordinary plating passivation deposition section site can also deposition.
4, Reduce the internal stress of the coating, improve lattice defects, impurities, voids, build-up, etc., easy to obtain crack-free coating film, reducing additive.
5, Be beneficial to obtain a stable alloy plating coating composition.
6, Improve anode dissolution, no need anode activator.
7, Improve plating coating mechanical properties, such as increasing density, reduce surface and volume resistivity, improve toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of electroplating coating can be controlled.