Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine:

Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine is make the use of cavitation generated by ultrasonic in the liquid, it can wash off the plating workpiece surface oil, with the appropriate cleaning agent can quickly achieve high cleanliness on plating surface.

Temperature: adjustable =between 30 ℃ – 60 ℃.
Concentration: diluted with water between 3% to 10% of the proportion.
Time: between 0.2-5min with adjustment.

Plating technical process, it have high requirements for surface cleanliness, and ultrasonic cleaning technology is the ideal technology to achieve this requirement. The use of ultrasonic washing machine technology that can replace solvent to clean oil; can replace electrolytic degreasing; also can replace acid etching to remove rust and oxide skin on carbon steel and low alloy steel surface. Application of ultrasonic washing machine technology, can make many traditional cleaning process be simplified, and greatly improve the cleaning quality and efficiency. Especially has more superiority for those complex shape, high corners required plating workpiece. The adoption of ultrasonic cleaning technology, can replace in a wide range of acids, alkali and greatly reduce the pollution of the environment, and improve the working environment of workers and reduce labor intensity, to protect the ecological environment. Ultra-plating parts sonic cleaning machine is often called the plating parts cleaning machines, plating parts ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Device parameters requirements:

In accordance with plating parts oil & grease residues, cleanliness requirements, cleaning methods, drying methods, determine the cleaning temperature, concentration, time and other parameters experimentally.
Recommendations are as follows: Ultrasonic stations: 1-8 baths (for multiple rinsing, drying).

Ultrasonic washing machine device usage:

As per required cleanliness degree, determine a reasonable way of ultrasonic cleaning, technical process, safety procedures, quality control procedures, cleaner agent replacement cycle.
1. Ultrasonic cleaning:
a. Put determined cleaning agent into ultrasonic cleaning tank, and stir well.
b. Put to be cleaned plating parts in an ultrasonic special cleaning basket then into ultrasonic cleaning tank.
c. After 3-5 minutes of ultrasonic washing, then rinse, wash, rinse with pure water, or dried.
d. Follow-up plating technical process according set procedure.

2. Spray (ultrasonic) cleaning:
a. Make the determined cleaning agent concentration into spray (ultrasonic) washing machine, and stir well.
b. Execute cleaning process of combination of ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning (including washing, drying, etc.).
c. If the plating parts cleaning agents fatigue, can be properly supplemented.
d. Follow-up plating technical process according set procedure.

Industry applications:

Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine is mainly used in plating workpiece, vacuum plating accessories, locks, motor parts, bearing, die casting, stamping parts, case strap, spectacle frames, stainless steel cutlery, compressors, watches parts, precision textile equipment, precision molds, gear, Crankshaft, valves, radiators and other precision metal parts.

Ultrasonic washing in the plating industry is mainly divided pre-plating cleaning (pre-treatment) and after plating (after treatment). Pre-plating cleaning include cleaning all types of metal parts after polishing wax parts or when processing oil, debris. After-plating includes cleaning residual plating liquid and various residues.

Ultrasonic washing machine Main technical parameters:
Power supply: 3p 380V 50HZ  Control: AC 220V
Washing process: Spray cleaning → Spray rinse→ Compressed air blow water → hot air drying → Oiling
Cleaning medium: water based
Cleaning workpiece max size: 500×400mm
Loading height: 850mm
Conveyor belt bearing capacity: 300kg/m²
Conveying speed: 0.15-1.5m/min (adjustable)
Best cleaning linear velocity: within range of0.6-1.0m/min, according to parts of complex coefficients to adjust the speed.

Ultrasonic washing machine Cleaning injection pressure:0.32Mpa
Washing theory flow: 30t/h
Rinse injection pressure: 0.32Mpa
Rinse theory flow: 30t/h
Cleaning solution,  temperature: room temperature ~ 70 ℃ (adjustable automatic temperature control)
Dry temperature: 80~120℃ (adjustable automatic temperature control)
Cleaning solution, rinse solution heating method: electricity heating, cleaning solution heating power: 30kw(10kw×3 =30kw)

Ultrasonic washing machine drying heating power: 15kw
Cleaning solution, rinse solution tank, oiled tank volume: 0.60m ³ × 3 pcs
Conveyor drive motor power: 1.1kw
Wash pump motor power: 5.5kw
Rinse pump motor power: 5.5kw
Oiling pump motor power: 0.55kw
Water and oil separator motor power: 0.18kw
Hot air blower: 2.2kw
Oiling heating: 1kw × 3 = 3kw (alternate)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 11000 × 1700 × 2190 (mm)
Mahine weight: 5028kg